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What is a virtual assistant?

What is a virtual assistant?

 One of the most popular roles that caused an uprising the past year has been the role of a virtual assistant. Before the pandemic, the role of a virtual assistant existed however it became a major asset and necessity to facing challenges and the need for additional assistance. Some may even wonder, what is a virtual assistant? Well, let’s dive in!


The role of a virtual assistant is one of the most vital and impactful luxuries of any brand. Virtual assistants are here to help with your organizational needs and can save time and money. In addition, virtual assistants are multifaceted, cross-trained, and ready to assist at any time. Here at Crown Innovative Business Solution(CIBS), we believe in growth, service, and culture by providing skilled, executive-level virtual assistants to enhance your professional organization or practice. It all starts here. Let’s walk through some ways that a virtual assistant can help you to manage your time more effectively.


Refocus and increased free time

Growing your business can be amazing, fulfilling, and rewardable but nothing beats spending time with family, friends, and those we hold dear to our hearts. Working long hours and time away from those we love the most can be hard and regrettable but that’s where we come in to help. Our virtual assistants are ready and well trained to take the weight off of your shoulders without the extra hassle. Spend more time away from the office/the hustle and allow our virtual assistants to pick up where you left off. Put your mind at ease as they help meet your deadlines with the flexibility to speedy workflow.  


More coverage 

Can you say customer service? There are so many moments to direct your customers to visit your website for more information or to email you if they would like to schedule a meeting, however, there are missed opportunities due to your availability or just being bogged down with so many other duties that are required to run your business. We offer virtual assistants that are available while you can’t be, during your workday, to support and assist with your brand’s needs and organize and manage files needed to successfully support your brand. We’ve got you covered!


Saves on training hours

Have you ever invested your time and energy to train and onboard new hires ? By hiring one of our virtual assistants we save you time and money. Our team of knowledgeable virtual assistants are ready, cross-trained, and prepared to execute. Let us help you save on training hours and develop your brand without the extra costs of onboarding. Your brand is important and we have a team that is ready to get started. 


You only pay for the hours worked

Yes, you read right, no wasted time! The beauty of working with our team of knowledgeable virtual assistants is that you can assign specific tasks for allotted hours per month, starting as low as10 hours. It’s just that easy. We take away the stress and additional costs of managing your business by being flexible and productive to meet your deadlines and increasing your revenue. It’s just that easy and we’re ready to assist you.


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