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Meet Pastor
Victoria Burse

The Problem

  • Pastor Victoria Burse is a full time professional at a large education institution. She also a multi-book author with a growing ministry and nonprofit.  
  • Pastor Victoria had used CIBS previously for administrative work.  While this past engagement was helpful, she felt she needed more assistant to expand her brand and other duties of the nonprofit.  
  • As CIBS began growing and expanding its services, Anita reached out to Pastor Victoria to inform her of the new service offerings of CIBS.  Anita advised her that they were now offering digital services which she thought may be helpful for her needs. 
  • Pastor Victoria still had many administrative tasks that needed to be completed.  She had assistance, but did not have the right assistance for her current needs and how her organization was growing.  
  • Nor did she have the time to train her team on new skills and what she needed.  and marketing tasks that needed to be completed for the brand.  Although she knew her brand colors and what she wanted to say for her brand, she did not have an easy way to communicate her messaging. 
  • In addition, she was struggling with other administrative tasks that needed to be completed.

The CIBS Difference...

The Process

  • CIBS listened closely to the needs of Pastor Victoria and the overall vision for her organization.
  • CIBS worked to understand the values of her organization and what the key priorities were for her. 
  • CIBS understood the deadlines and how to best communicate with Pastor Victoria to ensure trust and credibility. 
  • The CIBS VA worked diligently to pull out the key needs and information needed to help Pastor Victoria succeed.

The Solution

  • Pastor Victoria engaged with CIBS during the summer of 2020.  The VA immediately helped her to automate her social media and her branding. She helped to create processes and templates. This helped Pastor Victoria save time and get more focused on her messaging.  In addition, she also began learning more about analytics.  The VA reviewed her newsletter communication and analytics.  They immediately discovered some trends and insights that would help with the ministry and non-profit. 

  • Pastor Victoria commented: “we are finding stuff on the stove, we haven’t event gotten to the stuff that’s on my plate.”  

  • The VA was able to uncover several other issues that Pastor Victoria didn’t realize that she experiencing and that was holding back the growth of The ARC.  The VA helped me to automate.  “This was a huge help to my business.  I love automation. I am learning so much about my business.”

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