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Maryum Gibson

The Problem

  • Maryum Gibson was the new CEO and President of Scottdale Early Learning, Inc.  She needed assistance implementing her ideas and working through the current state of chaos. She had a limited budget, however, Ms. Gibson was full of ideas and vision for the organization.  In addition to the vision, there were a lot of processes that needed to be implemented.
  • Although she had staff, she was overwhelmed and needed someone to listen specifically to her vision and execute it with little direction and oversight. 
  • One specific problem Ms. Gibson faced was that she wanted the parents/clients to be aware of the education and school options post Scottdale Early Learning.  Many clients were happy with Scottdale Early Learning but were unsure of next steps.  Ms. Gibson wanted to add additional value to their clients. 

The CIBS Difference...

The Process

  • CIBS listened closely to the needs of both Ms. Gibson and the overall vision for the organization
  • CIBS worked to understand the values of the organization and what the key priorities were for this project and future projects. 
  • CIBS understood the deadlines and how to best communicate with Ms. Gibson to ensure trust and credibility. 
  • CIBS managed expectations of Ms. Gibson and kept her informed at reasonable phases of the process.

The Solution

  • CIBS listened to the client and identified her specific issues. 
  • After listening closely to the key issues, CIBS helped implement the idea of hosting a school fair.  As Ms. Gibson shared her vision for this solution and CIBS managed the details and brought the vision to life. 
  • The school fair became a signature program for Scottdale Learning Center and expanded their brand, value and network. 
  • In addition, the VA from CIBS became a THOUGHT partner with Maryum Gibson.  Ms. Gibson had various ideas, but needed assistance vetting them and implementing the details.  CIBS assisted and delivered.

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