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Crystal Davis

The Problem

  • Crystal Davis, President of The Lean Coach, Inc. was a busy entrepreneur doing everything in her business, from the administrative, marketing to providing value to her clients. 
  • Ms. Davis was aware that she needed to delegate more but also felt she was too busy to stop and actually find the right person.  Due to her heavy workload and demanding schedule, some of her work was being postponed, delayed or not done at all.
  • In addition, Ms. Davis also managed multiple brands and worked in an industry with nuances and language that isn’t well known.  Finding a virtual assistant to understand her needs would be a challenge.

The CIBS Difference...

The Process

  • CIBS listened closely to the needs of both Ms. Davis and the overall vision for her company.
  • CIBS worked to understand the values of her company and what the key priorities were for her. 
  • CIBS understood the deadlines and how to best communicate with Ms. Davis to ensure trust and credibility. 
  • Developing trust was a key factor for this client.  CIBS took the time to find the right VA to listen and develop a trusting relationship with the client. 
  • Since Ms. Davis has multiple brands, CIBS needed to develop a strategy to support all Ms. Davis so that she could be effective in all areas. 
  • The CIBS VA worked diligently to pull out the key needs and information needed to help Ms. Davis succeed.

The Solution

  • Personality and the right fit was important to Ms. Davis.  CIBS worked to find the right virtual assistant for Ms. Davis’ needs, work style and personality.
  • Since Ms. Davis had multiple brands, we prioritized the work around one brand until the routine was somewhat stable before introducing the next one.  Understanding the language around her brand was important, therefore we focused on understanding the industry. 
  • As Ms. Davis developed more trust with CIBS, more of the creative work was assigned to the VA.  In addition to the trust in the creative area, CIBS was able to support Ms. Davis with various administrative projects that required high levels of trust. 
  • Ms. Davis was able to focus more on her work, and not the creative aspects of the business.  The VA focused on her social media and analytics to help her leverage and strategize her social media plan.

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