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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant at work

What is a virtual assistant? What is a virtual assistant?  One of the most popular roles that caused an uprising the past year has been the role of a virtual assistant. Before the pandemic, the role of a virtual assistant existed however it became a major asset and necessity to facing challenges and the need […]

Reasons that prevent Effective Delegation in Leadership

Effective Delegation

Are you familiar with the reasons that prevent effective delegation? What happens when a leader has hired help, but is still unable to get the results they desire? What are the roadblocks that prevent even the greatest leaders from effectively removing things from their plate? After 5 years of working with leaders in all industries, […]

5 qualities of an Effective Leader

5 qualities of an Effective Leader  Leadership is a long-distance run. Keeping our team motivated is essential to reach our goals.  There is a difference between showing up in a leadership position and showing up as an EFFECTIVE leader. An effective leader is successful at exhibiting their influence to direct their team, tribe, or followers […]