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Having the right team is critical the success of any organization or individual.  People are the greatest asset to a business.  CIBS will match you with the virtual assistant as you build your team, brand and organization.  Hiring a VA saves time and allows a busy leader to focus on their strengths, while giving.

To get started, click the “Get Started” button at the top of this page.  You will be scheduled for a consultation and success call.  At this time, we will ask you about your goals and work style to assess what you need and provide you with a recommendation on which package to choose.  You will be assigned an Virtual Assistant and have an overview orientation session to get started.

It depends on your needs and workload.  You can increase your hours as you learn how to work with a virtual assistant and see the value they provide.

Although you don’t need to create anything prior to getting started, it is helpful to begin thinking through the things that you need to move off your plate and delegate to your VA. 

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There are multiple benefits to using virtual assistants in your business or organization.  With CIBS, not only do you save time and leverage resources, but we help growing entrepreneurs scale their businesses and increase their revenue.